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Through our projects we promote the creation of new businesses and support established businesses.

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Community Programs

Programs that promote the development of small businesses within a community.


Activities included in the program are: discovery interviews, work plan development and, implementation and mentoring.

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Existing Business

Support Program

Programs that focus on helping existing businesses adapt to new market conditions.


As part of the program, we serve areas such as: Marketing, Accounting, Social Networks, Human Resources and Legal Aspects, among others.


Women Program

Engineered to provide women necessary training and advice so they can establish their own businesses.


The program included training and the opportunity for selected participants to receive $3,000 of seed capital.

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Premio Santander a la Innovación Empresarial

Designed to provide college students with an entrepreneurial experience that includes an educational curriculum and mentoring sessions.


The best business ideas received a seed capital donation of $ 3,000.

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Event designed to discuss the challenges and opportunities of exporting products and services.


Through Blink, seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders from various industries share lessons learned, mistakes made and how they succeed in entering new markets.

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