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Our History

Centro para Emprendedores, Inc. was established in 2012, as a response for a growing need of entrepreneur mentorship programs. Establishing a business consists of not only a good idea, but also a specific mindset and set of skills that allow individuals to successfully develop their concepts. That is why Centro para Emprendedores is based on supporting entrepreneurs, by fellow entrepreneurs, focusing on the individual.


What do we do?

Centro para Emprendedores is a non-profit organization focused on providing marketing, research and planning services to new and existing businesses. We offer solutions and transform business strategies.

Our mission is to provide each participant with the education, tools and coaching they
need to develop a business.

Our vision is to promote entrepreneurship as an engine for Puerto Rico’s socioeconomic development.

Our Values


We believe in the ability of each human being to develop their own sources of work. We

can all be entrepreneurs.


Every project must be developed between trusting parties.



We work better and go further if we all collaborate.



We operate with an environmental conscience.


We adjust quickly to changes.

Global mindset:

We collaborate beyond our 100x35, unified by the passion for entrepreneurship.


We work very closely with our participants; their projects become our projects.



Centro para Emprendedores, along with Foundation for Puerto Rico, were one of the initiatives selected under “Maria’s Unsung Heroes” as recipients of the Caribbean Businessperson of the Year 2017 recognition.

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